MDF Skirting Boards Drawbacks

‘Medium Density Fibreboards’ or MDF is a relatively cheaper option of Fibreboard which is made from the residuals of hard and soft wood when mixed with fibre, raisin and wax; then left for hardening.

Although MDF is used a lot in making Skirting Boards, it also comes with its drawbacks. Since, this material has been used for years now, the producers are regularly improving the product and the drawbacks keep on lessening.

MDF Skirting Boards are the mostly or commonly used Skirting Board material. But, like everything, MDF Skirting Boards have some drawbacks of their own. The some of those are as under

  • Weaker than Wood - The MDF Skirting Boards are generally weaker than wood. That means these boards are generally not as strong as wood.

  • Misbehaves Under Stress - The MDF Skirting Boards can crack or split under extreme stress.

  • Misbehaves with Water - The MDF Skirting Boards have the capacity of absorbing more water and much quicker as compared to wood. So, MDF boards can swell and expand more quickly when in contact with water, than that of wood.

  • Misbehaves with Nails and Screws - The MDF Skirting Board does not take nails and screws easily. There may be a chance of de-shaping while nailing the MDF Board.

  • Health Issues - MDF and VOC contain formaldehyde which may cause an irritation to lungs and eyes. In this case, proper care should be taken.

  • Production Health Hazard - The dust produced while manufacturing the MDF Skirting Boards is very harmful and causes breathing problems. This is a health hazard and can badly affect lungs.

These are some of the disadvantages of MDF Skirting Board. Keeping in view, the mass usage of this product it should be made sure that there are no health hazards attached with it.